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This is my journey..

In This is my journey on February 28, 2011 by makchief

This is my story towards having our own cute toddlers.

My DH & i have been married for 1.5 years, it is a wonderful marriage. I’m so blessed & grateful to god for giving me such a caring & understanding DH. The early marriage days were the times that we enjoyed ourselves as one happy couple. Those were the days we understand, live, learn with each other the hubby-wifey responsibilities. i admit it is fun, joyful and unforgettable moment. Kids? Our thoughts were, neither we do want to plan nor having kids as early as possible. We thought to just follow the flow of our days & accept god’s will should he decided to award us his creations. Months past months, seeing how extremely happy our friends & relatives are having their own god’s creature made us thinking…how wonderful we would be if we have a child. The question is….are we ready enough to be the parents?? Good or bad parents doesn’t strike our thoughts as we know we are going to be most loving parents in the world. Money & career? Both of us are working at established big company with achieving career that money is not questionable & an issue. Nursery? Yes…who’s going to take care of the child when we are at work? This is my main only concern. I have skeptical thinking of sending my child to public nurseries that the safety is the main issue. With nowadays growing unethical case of bad child care center, i feel so doubtful to send over. In addition of my current career that i enjoy very much, i had a thought if having babies could jeopardize my performance (how workaholic am i isn’t it?) . Yes, it is my routine to come back from work at 8 pm everyday, wondering if we have one…how it could affect my routine. (sigh…..) This is not my own judgment, but i have seen few examples of my colleagues that time management is so important, for they do not have 2 but 3 responsibilities. They have to give their time for work, husband &….the baby. Yes time management it is.

DH seen my thoughts as something that is manageable & could be done if we help each other and make good plans. He’s ready to have kids & so..this…is our journey to having our cute little toddlers. Bear with us….