From effort to patience

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Throughout the journey, I’ve done lots of research on fertility, conceiving, babies & etc. …& i must say googling is the fastest way you can reach bundle of information. DH also joined me researching for his part, truly i’m glad that he’s very committed to learn. Hehehe..Some of the websites that i find very useful, informative & really help mommy-to-be (like me) are:


  • myfertiletime – indicate which best fertile days for TTC
  • justmommies – give the pictures of what happens from menstrual cycle, ovulation till the next cycle.
  • countdowntopregnancy – symptoms by days past ovulation, early pregnancy symptoms & success stories shared by readers good to motivate you to not give up but to keep trying.


Ever since we decided to have a baby, now we’ve been TTC for 5 months. Tired of trying & waiting thru the natural way, we have tried to pursue other alternatives. We went for checkup at a private hospital to see if both of us are healthy to conceive a baby. Some queries that Ddr had asked us were whether my period is regular, do i have tyrod & our family diabetes history. I answered that my period is regular & we are perfectly healthy with zero diabetes and tyrod. To our Ddr, we had passed this 1st test towards conceiving a child & next is to have blood test & DH for semen test.Blood test was done at my 2nd cycle of period while DH semen test can be done any day.

The result is positive, DH’s semen is in good condition…similar to my blood test, the outcome of hormones test seems pleasing. Again Ddr said we’ve passed the 2nd test. However, Ddr concern was my FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)  result which is 10.49 seems a bit high though standard number that is OK for pregnancy (follicular phase) stated by the hospital is from 3.5 – 12.5.Other fertility centers set .3.5 – 10.00 at normal follicular phase.

FSH is an important hormone in woman’s reproductive health. It stimulates female ovaries to produce a mature egg for fertilization, measuring this hormone give the ideas of the quality eggs a woman has as well as the chances to have successful pregnancy. From few research i’ve read, high FSH means the woman is likely to have a poor ovarian reserve ( she will most probably grow few eggs, of poor quality) when ovulated. However high FSH level does not mean a women cannot get pregnant but the chances are dropping because of egg quality is impaired. Knowing this small info gave me big impact, for i’m afraid if i had slim chances to have successful pregnancy. Ddr comforted me that this is not a big deal, she then gave me Clomid pills to be taken at CD3-CD7. Clomid is useful to help the ovaries to produce eggs & hormones needed in the pregnancy process. By strengthening the weak egg producing processes, the ovaries produce more eggs. This greatly increases the chances of becoming pregnant!. The symptoms of having Clomid? Hot flashes….yes, i experienced it that i asked DH to switch on A/C at 3 am in the morning which at that time is winter!! (Can you believe this). After 5 days of Clomid, i was instructed to come to the hospital again for u/s scan to see weather Clomid had given any effects to my ovaries. Hurmmm…can’t wait for the day. Cross-fingers~



This is my journey..

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This is my story towards having our own cute toddlers.

My DH & i have been married for 1.5 years, it is a wonderful marriage. I’m so blessed & grateful to god for giving me such a caring & understanding DH. The early marriage days were the times that we enjoyed ourselves as one happy couple. Those were the days we understand, live, learn with each other the hubby-wifey responsibilities. i admit it is fun, joyful and unforgettable moment. Kids? Our thoughts were, neither we do want to plan nor having kids as early as possible. We thought to just follow the flow of our days & accept god’s will should he decided to award us his creations. Months past months, seeing how extremely happy our friends & relatives are having their own god’s creature made us thinking…how wonderful we would be if we have a child. The question is….are we ready enough to be the parents?? Good or bad parents doesn’t strike our thoughts as we know we are going to be most loving parents in the world. Money & career? Both of us are working at established big company with achieving career that money is not questionable & an issue. Nursery? Yes…who’s going to take care of the child when we are at work? This is my main only concern. I have skeptical thinking of sending my child to public nurseries that the safety is the main issue. With nowadays growing unethical case of bad child care center, i feel so doubtful to send over. In addition of my current career that i enjoy very much, i had a thought if having babies could jeopardize my performance (how workaholic am i isn’t it?) . Yes, it is my routine to come back from work at 8 pm everyday, wondering if we have one…how it could affect my routine. (sigh…..) This is not my own judgment, but i have seen few examples of my colleagues that time management is so important, for they do not have 2 but 3 responsibilities. They have to give their time for work, husband &….the baby. Yes time management it is.

DH seen my thoughts as something that is manageable & could be done if we help each other and make good plans. He’s ready to have kids & so..this…is our journey to having our cute little toddlers. Bear with us….